Is eToro The Best Broker For Beginners?

One broker that is often recommended for beginner and intermediate level traders is eToro. eToro is an STP broker that provides traders with guaranteed stop losses, trading advice & trading lessons, an unlimited demo/practice account, and a facility that allows traders to copy the trades of other eToro traders should they want to. In this article I [...]

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Trading Fibonacci Retracements II

Fibonacci Retracements - My 2nd Experiment, This experiment is a follow up to my first test of Fibonacci retracement levels. In this experiment I am going to test how [...]

Trading Fibonacci Retracements

What Are Fibonacci Retracements Levels Fibonacci retracements are technical levels where the price is supposed to be statistically likely to retrace to. The Fibonacci [...]

EUR/USD Trading

The EUR/USD is by far the most commonly traded of all the currency pairs on the Foreign Exchange market. It would be easy to assume that this is purely due to the fact that [...]